Borgo Pass NWN Persistant World
NWN: Borgo Pass PW

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1. - cep_2_65_full.7z 954 MB] - uncompress in your main NWN dir, overwriting all hak packs.

quick stats
76 Players
21 Gear Bags
2 Dead Players
4 Bleeding Players

[50%] Humans
[27.6%] Elves
[3.9%] Hobbits
[1.3%] Dwarves
[6.6%] Half-Elves
[6.6%] Half-Orcs
[1.3%] Gnomes
[1.3%] Brownies
[1.3%] Wemics

server status
Server Status: Online
Players: 0 / 42

Role Playing

NWN General Discussion

COS's Scratching Post
Welcome to the realm of mystery!

Greetings, and welcome! presents a growing persistent world, called Borgo Pass. We've been online since Neverwinter Nights was released on July 18, 2002!

What is Borgo Pass? It's a small town where aspiring adventurers can meet. You can travel to far and distant lands, or explore the surrounding area.

In the game, be sure to talk to Hatter de Lune whenever you see him, if you're interested in World Updates and news.

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  • Two linked servers with over 1000 areas to explore!
  • Craftable Natural Resources - This allows you to pursue a trade, such as Weaponsmithing, Armor crafting,Jewelling, Leather Tanning..etc. The more you use these skills, the better you become at crafting items.
  • Persistent Housing - Come and settle in a house that you can buy and furnish.
  • Player Guild System - Allows players to form their own organizations which can earn gold and xp.
  • Claimable Territories that can earn money and xp for guilds
  • Persistent Bank
  • PVP Arena - The majority of the realm is PVP (Player Vs Player), but there is a special arena just for the sport.  Don't worry, there are plenty of safe havens.
  • Custom Clothing, Weapons, and Armor Shops - There are vendors riddled throughout the world who sell various custom made items.
  • Persistent Player Vendors - Once you become proficient at crafting items, you can hire your own merchant
  • Games - Play Blackjack, Slot Machines, or challenge a friend to a game of Wizard Chess.
  • Custom Magic Items - Find and buy items that have special powers. For example, use Darius' Rune of Dimension Door to either teleport yourself through walls or up an inaccessible ledge.
  • Quests - Talk to various people and find lots to do for both fame and fortune. There are also periodic DM run events.
  • Message Boards - Looking for a hired hand? Post your notice on the various message boards throughout the realm. (All are linked, so you only need to post once)
  • 2 Major Cities, 3 Major settlements, 2 small towns, Forests, Caverns, Mines, hidden areas constantly added